Curating your life

A powerful approach to changing your life.

I was working with a client some time ago, when we decided it was time for him to curate his life. 

It's an interesting concept, curating your life. 

You become very discerning. Allowing in only that which you truly want.

Carefully honoring your time. And when shared, it is in clearly delineated slots.

The people you interact with feed and fuel you. The ones that don't...well, your choice. 

Media and news used only as a tool, not as a numbing agent. 

Food that feels alive. Excites you. Tickles your curiosity.

Clothes that have a force behind them. An unspoken power. For you and only you.

Overall a very timeless selfishness. A deep love of yourself. One so precious that when you interact with the world there is an instant connection. 

Step one to curating a life, decide to. 



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