Eating the A$% Out of A Zebra

The one defining characteristic of myself and my clients is Hunger. 

We're a hungry bunch. 

We want it all. The whole fuckin' kit and caboodle. 

And deep down we believe it's possible. 

We understand that it may hurt. Painful "realities" must be dropped. 

Relationships parted ways with. Admissions of playing small. 

The past obliterated. The Now conquered. 

The relentless pursuit of Truth. 

Breaking limits. 

And we know we're hungry because we don't quit. We're always searching. Testing. Reading. Discovering. Learning. Experimenting. Wanting. Desiring. Daydreaming.

But more than that, KNOWING. 

In our core, we know...there is more.

If you are one of the Hungry Bunch, I raise my glass and salute you. 

It's a hell of a journey and there ain't nothing like it in the world. 



P.S. Reply to this email if the hunger wants a zebra to chew on. Let me know what you're hungry for and what you haven't been able to get in life. Let's set up a call to explore.