The Force Awaiting to Awaken Inside

There is a force inside each and everyone of us. 

When it is awakened it is unstoppable. 

It is raw. It is fierce. It is zero bullshit. 

It is love but not in a Hallmark card kind of way. 

It's the kind of love that throws a cold bucket of water on us in the middle of the night so we can finish our 5th symphony. 

The kind of love that refuses to indulge small behavior. 

The kind of love that knows how to hold but not smother. 

The kind of love that cries with us as it drags us by our shirt over the finish line. 

It's love of the highest order. It may kill us. But it's out of love. Real love. 

This is why we fear what is inside. I mean hell, who wants that? 

It's confronting. It's responsibility of the greatest magnitude. 

Ohhhh...but deep down. Beneath the parts of us that want that sweet embrace of sleep. Complacency. 

Is the force. It is waiting. Whether it's this lifetime or a million others. It's waiting. 

And it will be awakened. One way or another. 

It may be time to start looking at it. Knocking gently at it's door. Asking to have a cup of tea with it. Get to know it. Befriend it. Laugh with it. Cry with it.

And slowly but surely, become it. Own it. 

Then...Love it. 




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