The Cupboard Under the Stairs

Imagine Hogwarts.

It's a school. It's a dormitory. It's a castle. A myriad of secret rooms. Hidden dangers. Magical beasts. Mazes. Enchantments to hide. Places you do not dare enter until we are ready.

Until we are wizards. 

A wizard of thy self. 

But at some point, we must enter Hogwarts.

It's one thing to read about it. To stand outside of it. To want it. 

Question: how many are really willing to go in? On paper it sounds amazing. 

But we are muggles. No magical powers. 

Unless, unless, unless there is something more. 

Something to be discovered. Certain death? Most certainly. 

But entering those sacred halls, letting the doors slam behind us, and fully throwing ourselves into the mysteries that lay before us....

Well maybe, just maybe, we discover there was a reason we've been locked in a cupboard under the stairs...



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