Permission to be human.

Permission granted. 

To be jealous. To be afraid. To be gluttonous. To be lazy.

To be madly in love. To fall out of love. To laugh at inappropriate moments.

To be sick. To explore. To never get it right. To sweat. To have hair on your back. 

To love your body. To forget to pay rent. To cry at insurance commercials. 

To want the divine. To curse the divine. To believe in nothing. 

To rear end a car. To rear end your partner. 

To not feel worthy. To fear your own power. To love your own power. 

To drink too much. To hurt a loved one. To forgive the hurt. 

To feel powerful one day and nothing the next. 

To love 80's music and loathe jazz. And the reverse.

To have no fucking clue what you are doing most of the time. 

To love the world and hate it all in one breath. 

To be you. To be human. Permission granted. 



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