The Art of Holding the Vibration

I was talking with a friend today about the Art of Holding the Vibration. 

And the Art of Holding the Vibration is something I truly believe is part of the key to getting what you want in life. 

It's not from the mind. It's rather a feeling. It's in the body. 

So, let's say I want a office, in TriBeCa (which I do), what would that feel like?

How would my posture be? If I had it how would my gut feel? My heart? 

More importantly, could I sustain it? Could I believe it? 

It's a level of intensity and holding that. 

Sitting in front of the tv has a level of vibration. 

Feeling poor and alone has a vibration. 

No judgment. It's neither good or bad.

It's a vibration. 

The goal is to find the vibration you want, and feel into it. Become it. And repeat a thousand times a day. I won't lie, it's hard. Our bodies fight it. "It won't work. This is stupid. I can't. I'll do it when I get home. Not now..."

But, from what I've seen and experienced in my own life and in my client's lives, it works, it must be repeated, and you have to really want it. 

Feel. Repeat. Feel. Repeat. Feel. Repeat. 

The Art of Holding the Vibration is quite profound. It takes courage. It takes will. But damned if don't work like a charm. 

For those in NYC and free at lunch this Wednesday and every Wednesday through May, I'll be teaching a class on resetting and conquering the mind and body at Lululemon Hub 17 at 12:15. Check Mindbody to register. 



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