When women conquer

4 women joined the webinar yesterday. And I have to say they were amazing! 

Why it was amazing was because they supported each other. They held each other. They gave to each other. 

All I had to do was pass some ideas and insight. But it was them. I've never done an interactive webinar workshop like this on my own. It was absolutely humbling. 

Each person submitted pictures of a room or rooms that didn't quite feel right or they were embarrassed of or where they could shine. And the goal was to discuss it, see where their hidden power was and how to own it. 

And damn, it was magical. 

I got this idea from the amazing coach, JJ Carolan, when she invited me to speak on her Inner Critic Obedience School (which she is doing again). I was floored when I saw how tight the group was on that call. They had each other's backs. They cared for one another. I loved it. 

And I wondered if it could be recreated over a 2 hr webinar workshop, and yes, it could. IT WAS. 

Again, it wasn't me, it was these women. 

So thank you. You women were amazing. I'm always touched when strangers come together through a mutual wanting of transformation and support and end up wholeheartedly giving to the other. Pretty damn special.

Much love and Gratitude,



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