When the Machine Breaks Down

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The pics can remain completely anonymous. I'm keeping the group small so we get to dig in.  Please share with friends who may find it interesting. 

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2. The post:

There are times in life when a morning or evening routine are crucial. Normally when  you feel like your life is falling apart. Perfect time. The routine, though simple, is what gets you through those tough times. 

Because it's those tough times where everything is going to breakdown. Or at least try to. 

I know it in myself. Monday mornings. The breakdown in the structural integrity of the machine I call Bryce. He doesn't want to go to Budokon yoga. He wants to sleep. He wants to watch the rain fall. 

But, because I have my routine, there is no question what to do. 

1. Wake up. Curse the day. 
2. Set my intention.
3. Meditate.
4. Usually write my daily email...usually.
5. Yoga.
6. Cold shower.
7. Bfast shake. 
8. Breathing. 
9. Roar.
10. Crush it. 

At night: Shower, 15 meditation reviewing the day and aspiration. 

To be honest, those are a lot of steps. But that's what works for me. It's what gets me going. But truthfully, if you can find 3-4 steps that work, do them. Try to make them non-negotiable. Once they work, pooof, life is yours.

Even when the machine "appears" to break down. 




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