We Don't Fu*#ing Quit

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We are resilient creatures. We really are. We forget that we are. Maybe because we are comfortable. Maybe it's because we are afraid. But damn, we are resilient. 

History has handed us centuries upon centuries of shit. Famine. Genocide. War. Natural disasters. Manmade disasters. Literally anything you can conceive, we as a species have endured it. 

And yet...

We. Don't. Fucking. Quit. 

We just don't. We rebuild. We regrow. We adapt. We persevere. We innovate. We create. 

But why? At some point you'd think we would just throw in the towel. 

"Eh, I'm good. that's enough suffering for this go of the human evolution. Peace!"

And I don't have the answer. But I'd sure like to think it's BIG. 

Something HUGE. Something in our hearts and our souls that just doesn't know how to say "NO."

Something Light. Something Knowing. Something Us. Something One. 

That's what I'd like to think. Or rather, Feel. 

My mind knows nothing. But I Feel it. I Feel it. 

And it knows. It knows I won't quit. 

And a piece of me knows you won't either. 

So what do you say, you all in?




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