True Inner Power

I recently was a guest speaker for a workshop and I spoke about feng shui and how it relates to True Inner Power. It was amazing. 

And the reason it was so amazing was because the participants were hungry. They wanted to know what their true inner power felt like. They wanted to shine out in the world.

No compromises. No bullshit. Nothing. Truth and Power. 

And I got to facilitate that through feng shui. What is your external life saying about your inner life?

What are you hiding. This is a different kind of feng shui. This is creating deep flow in your life. This is inside out. 

And I left feeling high. Because if any of the participants did one, just one thing we talked about, I knew it would have a massive impact. 

After that I knew it wanted to do this more. So, I am going to be holding:

Feng Shui Your Space for True Inner Power, Live Event April 24th, 6:30pm-8:30pm Est.

If you can't make it live I will send a recording.

Now what is special about this is that I want people to send in a picture or two of one area of the home that just hurts. That's not working. That you may be hiding from. Because I guarantee, that's where your untapped Power is hiding. Guaranteed. 

Click here for more details and to register. 



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