Rainbow Unicorns of Death

Be grateful. 
Love everyone.
God has your back.
Angels watch over us. 
Everything has a purpose. 

Well, to that I say, "BLAHHHH!  BLAHHHH!"

The reason I say, (and so eloquently) "BLAHHHH," is because those are hard pills to swallow. And lord knows I've a tried swallowin' them. 

Now, I'm not saying those aren't completely true. I'm not saying that at all. These very well may be true. 

But, what I see happening a lot is that these become distractions. They can pull us away from real transformation. They are cute hashtags. Nice ideas. But again, distractions. And I'll admit, I am completely guilty of them. 

WE are the most important thing to focus on when we are transforming. We need to feel what OUR power feels like. What OUR Truth looks like. How the Light inside us shines. How we resonate with higher states of consciousness. How and what our BIGGEST freaking selves are meant to live!

Because in my experience, when you go inward and start learning the layout of you, that list becomes very true. Then gratitude, love, God, angels, purpose, etc., have a much purer meaning. A much deeper Truth. 

And that is because you know YOU so well and, 

you are no longer distracted by Rainbow Unicorns of Death. 



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