Engage the hell out of it

The power of Will is quite a force. We have all engaged it at some point in our lives.

Whether to fight a life threatening illness, travel the world, get into the school of our dreams, find the love of our life, lose the weight, work on a life changing project, we've done it. 

But we also use Will in micro doses as well. Wake up everyday and go to work. Meditate/workout. Catch negative thoughts. Not have that extra doughnut. Shut the TV off before bed. Put that last beer down before things get wacky. 

We are forces of nature when Will is engaged. Our life becomes our own. And on the deepest level, Will is our greatest ally.

We can change the tides of our lives simply by engaging it. 

Treat it as a muscle. See where Will lacks in your life. And then start to slowly begin to presence it. 

It doesn't have to be hard or exhausting. It's really like taking the "NO" that was there before and turning it into a "YES."

See which parts of life need a boost of YES. And engage the hell out of it. 



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Bryce KennedyComment