5 Things To Remember

5 things to remember:

1. It is time to have your own back. You must, MUST be your biggest ally. 

2. You are capable of more than you could ever imagine. Seriously. 

3. Do not quit the journey of transformation. Most of us have several decades of being one way, it will not happen over night. 

4. Accept that it all changes. Everything. Job, money, love, home, life. And once you get comfortable, it will all change again. 

5. It's ok to be human. We suffer. We do. Emotions, self-doubt, disbelief, judgement, comparison, we all do it. NO ONE IS IMMUNE. We are human. We are bones and skin that forget we are here for a short time. 

Have fun. Dare to be big. Laugh hard. Cry harder. Forgive yourself. Enjoy the small things. Own You. Find Truth. 

And then repeat, forever. 




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