What Phase Are You In?

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Phases of your life are very important to start mapping out. By mapping out I mean noticing the trajectory and seeing if it's heading in the direction you want. 

The phase you are in now, let's take a peek with some very simple questions:

1. How do you feel about it?
2. Is this the direction you want to be going in?
3. What is it that you want?
4. What do you fear? Is it real?
5. What do you believe you are capable and or not capable of? Is it real?
6. How long have you been in this phase? Is it time to get out?
7. What are you sick and tired of in this phase?
8. What are you grateful for in this phase?
9. What is the negative self-talk you say about yourself in this phase?
10. If there were no limitations, what would you be doing and how would it feel?

A few questions to help sort out where you are in this phase of life. After a certain age we can get complacent with comfort. It's insidious. The death knell to the human spirit. 

But, the human spirit is indomitable. It can rise up against all odds. It can fight for Truth. 

It can fight for You. It is You.




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