The Mystery Begins Today

There is a moment in the year where the celestial spheres open up to the earthly realm and gods and mortals feast in celebration of the dawning of the Light.

On Tuesday, March 20th, at approximately 12:15pm est, we have the spring equinox. It’s when the sun shines directly over the equator and night and day are said to be equal in time.

The cold, death of winter begins to recede. The rebirth of life awakens.

‘Tis a time to rejoice! To be inspired. To discover Truth. 'TIs a time for aspiration. For hope. Alignment. For smallness to disappear. For “I CAN” to reappear.

'Tis a time to discover hidden mysteries locked inside. A god waiting to be born.

From now until Tuesday, be pristine in thought, actions, and words.

If this were that one moment in time when anything was possible, what would you do differently?

Love bolder. Live bigger. Laugh harder. Lick sexier (I needed another L word).

5 days. What if being you, in your fullest capacity could change the course of your life?


Maybe it is worth licking a little sexier.

Bryce KennedyComment