You just might need a little help finding it.

I love my clients. I do. They aren’t clients after we are done. I think everyone on this list can attest to that. We’ve gone too deep to ever go back. We’re in it together.

This one client, now friend, wrote me the testimonial below. We’ve been working together for over a year now. The reason I am posting this is not to boast. Really, it’s for me to gush. When I get to see someone transform, and their life completely change, it is a reminder of why I do what I do.

This particular person had a spark that was so magnificent, I didn’t care if I had to fly out there, we were going to make this work. And we have.

This is also a reminder for everyone out there. This life is possible. It is possible to be whatever you want it to be. These aren’t nice words. They are absolute Truth. You just have to choose.

Here is what my friend wrote:

“ “What do I have to lose?” - My thoughts as I stared at the computer and made the decision to work with Bryce.  I have a pretty charmed life…great marriage, healthy children, own my own business- what did I have to be complaining about?

The problem was that this perfect life was eating me alive. Although all of this wonderfulness was mine, I was too exhausted to enjoy it, sick all of the time, felt overloaded by all of the obligations to everyone (except myself) and was just barely keeping my head above water.  

I knew there was more – a greater “me” inside but something had to change to find it.  

And I was so cynical…”Of course I’ll feel better if I take some time for myself…what was this guy going to help me do?”   

Well, since starting work with Bryce I have been able to live my life in such a more meaningful way; he helped me find energy and a knowing inside myself that I wasn’t sure existed.  

Then as this personal transformation was occurring I got to apply my new energy to real life…

Last year my business did the best numbers we’ve had in years while I took eight weeks of vacation to spend time with my family (I took just over a week of vacation the year before).  

I feel a change in my energy and whenever that “just surviving” feeling starts to surface, I am prepared.  Bryce gave me what I needed to live up closer to what I am supposed to be, to enjoy life to its fullest and by doing this become more successful than I had ever been…and we’ve only just begun.

As I sit at the computer now I think…”What would the last year looked like if I hadn’t – how much would I have suffered and continued to put myself last?”  I’m just glad I don’t have the answer to that one.

If you are on the fence, a cynic, worried that it isn’t worth the money – trust me – I was all of those things and now I’m a believer – in myself and the work that Bryce does…don’t wait…the life you have dreamed of is there – you just might need a little help finding it. “



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