Saying Yes to the Hidden Gem

We all have gifts. We do. Whether we develop these gifts is dependent on us. 

These gifts may be overlooked because they come naturally. 

They may be overlooked because we think they aren't worth anything. 

And yet, there they are. Something very unique to us.

My gifts are listening, seeing the highest versions of people, deep caring, and massive hope. 

They're just there. I didn't ask for them. And for the longest time I didn't value them. 

But damned if they didn't keep popping up. Piercing through my legal career. Piercing through my acting career. Piercing through everything. 

Until one day, I decided to to see what I could do with these qualities. 

And wouldn't you know, I discovered I was amazing at helping people step into the biggest versions of themselves in realistic and tangible ways. I say that with humility. But it's true. It's a gift.

Seven years I have massaged this. Developed it. Educated myself on it. Went through hell and back to be it. And now, it's a beast.

They key to discovering your gift is to look at the most "simple" and easiest qualities of life that you enjoy. Do not dismiss them! Because most likely there is a gem waiting to be discovered to completely change your life. Poof. In an instant.  

All you have to do is say, "yes" to it. 



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