The Missed Pivot

There is a unique phenomenon I'm beginning to notice with people, they don't pivot. 

I have a lot of clients that are consultants, lawyers, and doctors and we can assume they are fairly well "educated."  And the one thing they all have in common is an incredible skill set.

Brilliant problem solvers. Masters of multi-tasking complex situations. And strategists that would make the heavens weep.

However, when it comes to their personal life, all of this goes out the window. As in, it does not exist. 

All their brilliance is saved for the job. None is allowed to come home. Instead, home/personal life is an after thought. It's unfulfilling. It's numb. It's loveless. It's a pile of pizza boxes and flannel shirts.

And this is common. Incredibly common. 

But why? Why do we willingly engage, at all costs, for a client/boss, but not ourselves?

Because it's sinful. Shameful. Glutinous. Time consuming. Painful. Not worth it. Farcical. Expensive.

Those are the top reasons people don't pivot their skills to their personal lives. 

And that is a sin. 

We have this all ass backward. Society reinforces it. But if work is the only motivation, I can assure you that if you are successful in the personal life, your work life will be blown out of the water. 

Trust me on this. My lawyer brain ain't dead. I only believe it if it's proven either by myself or through clients. 

And this has been proven time and time again. True success is having a life that is fulfilled. That is big. That feels good. That is...alive.

And to do that you have to be a strategic problem solver who knows how to multi-task. 

Pivot your skills to creating TRUE success in every facet of your life. No exceptions. 

Be responsible with THIS LIFE. 



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