5 Things That Matter

1. Your Word
2. Your Integrity
3. Your Self
4. Your Intuition
5. Your Love

1. Your Word is invaluable. It is sacred. When you meet someone whose Word is their bond, you know it. Immediately. There simply is no questioning of it. There is no manipulation. No gossip. No leakiness. No lies. No hiding. Simple, core cracking, Word. Use it wisely.

2. Your Integrity is bigger than morals. It is honoring the Truth within. It actually may go against some of the prescribed "morals" society has. But Integrity to Truth, your Truth is actually the most moral thing you can do. 

3. Your Self should be first. Your Self should be first. Let me say it one more time, your Self...should be first. Far too many people put others first. And while "noble" as that is, it is out of integrity more times than not. The reason being is people must give to themselves first before they can truly give to other people. And by "truly give," I mean giving at a profound level. A sustainable, powerful, connected level. 

4. Your Intuition knows. It knows you. It knows what you like. It knows what you want. It knows how you could be living this life. It knows far more than we give it credit for. The mind doesn't like it. Society doesn't like it. Ohh but it knows. And the more you can cultivate it the more it will be one of your greatest allies in living an incredible life. 

5. Your Love is it. Your Love is the basis for the whole thing. I'm not talking nice cutesy Love. I'm talking apocalyptic, no holds barred, earth shattering Love. The type of Love that goes beyond a partner. It is Love that is cosmic. It is deep. It is scary. It is confronting. It is unrelenting. And your Love is it. 

Have a hell of a weekend. 



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