Being a Human Mess

Humans are messy.

We like bad foods, bad movies, bad music, bad people. 

We have ridiculous emotions that change on a moments notice. 

We have hearts that we aren't sure if we should embrace or shame.

We have these bodies that begin decaying the day we are born. And then made to feel guilty about this decay.

We have thoughts that are insane. Literally insane. Fears that never come true. Conversations with people that will never happen. And anger towards...everything. 

And tastes. Tastes about sex. Religion. Love. Race. Height. Sports. Food. Cars. Gods. Weather. Kardashians. 

We truly are a mess. But guess what,


No one is exempt from this mess. No one. 

No matter how we try to hide it, inside, we are all a mess. 

Thank God. 



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Bryce KennedyComment