Creating a framework for life

The framework for success is actually finding YOUR framework. 

A framework are the how's, the what's, the who's, the where's, the when's, the why's of life. 

Most of us live in other people's frameworks. 

It could be our parents. Our society. Our culture. Our religion. 

It's not that it is a bad thing, but it's not usually up to our highest potential. It can't be, it's not ours. And because it's not ours it never seems to fit quite right. 

You will know when your framework isn't working when you feel off. Your job isn't fulfilling. Your relationships are subpar. You're always trying to please someone else. You get angry at yourself for not doing xyz. 

But when you decide to find your framework, well, that is when life changes, dramatically. It's like seeing color for the very first time when all you ever saw was black and white. 

Create your framework and create YOUR life. Time to see the rainbow.

By the way, here is a man who sees color for the first time in his life. Go to the 2:40 mark. Try not to cry. 



Find your framework

Bryce KennedyComment