What if Magic Were Real

Why do people like Harry Potter so much? Or Lord of the Rings? Or any book on fantasy and magic?

Is it because it's escapism from this world that we live in? Could be.

Or is it more.

Is there some part of us that knows there are certain truths to these books?

Something deeper. Something real. 

Day dreamer! Unrealistic! Head in the clouds! Yes, society shames these parts. It's practically a sin!

But, deep down we know certain truths about life. Certain secrets that are too wild to say out loud.

We all have them. They're there. And you can either choose to listen to them. Or you can ignore them. 

How about today we try an experiment. See what fantastical truth is in there. One that you're too embarrassed to admit. And live it. Just for today. What is yours?

Choosing to be in your power on command.
Believing in magic.
Knowing how to manifest.
Loving boldly.
Enjoying every single thing you see.
Creating a dream job purely from your imagination.
Just doing that one thing you've been afraid to do.
Connecting to a divine part of yourself.
Being raw and vulnerable. 
Asking for help and getting it.
Releasing all the internal anxiety, just because. 

Find the whisper of magic that is dying for you to believe. And live it. Just for today. 

You may start to enjoy it. 



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