Believing in the Impossible

It's funny, believing in the Impossible. (Capital "I" means it's connected to inner Truth.)

What a ridiculous concept. 

It's like paying more for organic food or water without pollutants. 

These things, when untouched by humans, are pure. It is only when we ADD to them do we start to alter their natural state. Food should be organic and water clean. 

The Impossible is no different. The Impossible should be natural. Our default state.

But, somewhere along the line, Impossible became impossible. We started adding things to it. Conditions. Rules. Beliefs. Societal norms.

We started closing our eyes and hiding behind comfort.  

And yet. Impossible is always there. It is always ready for us to engage. It is ready for us to own a part of ourselves we've shut off. 

People do it all the time. Normal people. They do the Impossible. 

4 questions to ask yourself if you are ready to find your Impossible:

1. What do you truly WANT?
2. How do YOU want to get it?
3. Who is going to HELP you?
4. When do you BEGIN?

Start believing in the Impossible again. It's merely a shift in mindset. An opening in the heart. And a whole lot of support from this wacky world. 



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