"We Go Higher"

When my wife and I were in Iceland, we climbed up to this waterfall on the side of a mountain. We followed a tiny path that stopped half way. We continued.

As we got closer, the waterfall pounded down on the rocks below. I knew why the path stopped. It wasn't safe. We were getting soaked. No one was up there. No one should have been up there. 

But something called us to go higher. 

So we did. We started the insane climb up. By now we were drenched to the core. Slipping. Muddy. Freezing. We were clutching onto rocks. We looked down at the valley below, falling was not an option.

But something called us to go higher. 

It was me who decided to be the voice of reason. We needed to stop. Going further wasn't worth it. I was afraid.

Bridget turned to me, shaken by her own fear and just stared at me.

Her piercing green eyes engaging something deeper within.

She just stared.

And then she said,

We go higher. 

Silence. I knew. I knew we had to go higher. I simply knew. 

And so we did. 

We succeeded.

When we got to the top we screamed at the top of our lungs.

It was ours.

I will always remember that moment. It was knowing. Truth. Certitude.  

These moments don't have to be on the side of a mountain. They don't have to be life or death. But they do have to push you. 

They have to break through a fear that may keep you from stepping into greatness. 

Do not dismiss those moments. Catch them as if your life depended on it.

And then...

Go Higher. 



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