The Secret Beast Inside

Many moons ago, we humans wandered the earth in search of food and shelter. 

We slept outdoors. We killed with our bare hands. And we lived off the land. 

The sun and the moon, our gods. The stars, our navigator. And instinct, our weapon. 

We were beasts. If we had fire we were lucky. If we survived the night, we were lucky. But we were free. It was our life and ours for the taking. 

In each and everyone of us, this still exists. The divine beast. 

We forget about this beast. Society wants us to. It wants us to be afraid, complacent, judgmental, numb. 

Oh but here we are. You are reading this. Something inside remembers. 

It remembers the beast. The moon and the stars. The land. The sun. 

When this beast begins to live again, magic happens. Complacency falls away. Numbness is no longer acceptable. Living another person's life is insane. 

So, I pose two questions to you:

Are you living your beast?

and if not, 

What would it look like if you did?



P.S. Announcement: All New Yorkers, March 3rd, there is an incredible Holi Festival taking place. Dress in whites and leave as an explosion of color. I'll be leading a Primal Awakening right before the paint party. Sign up here for early bird tix.

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