Hello, You!

Go look at yourself in the mirror. Come on. Do it for a second. 


See your eyes. Your nose. Your skin. Your hair. Your teeth. Your mouth. Your ears. Your throat. Look at it all. 

See the bone structure. Your chin. 

Look into your eyes again. 

Feel your skin. Feel the plasticity. 

And then start asking the question, why?

Why this shape? Why this form? Why these colors? 

Why nine months? Why 80 years? 

Why emotions? Why organs? 

But why? Why this concoction of parts? 

And yet, here we are.

Look at your eyes again. See if you can see something deeper in those eyes. 

A spark. A light. A truth. A knowing. 

What's in there? What is it capable of? 

Feel infinity. Feel possibility. Feel. 

Look at your eyes again. Smile. 

Hello, you. 



Bryce KennedyComment