The Oddities of Self Growth

Today I was working at the Boston Consulting Group where I do one-on-one mindfulness consulting. They are 20 minute sessions over 5 hours. 

People get a chance to discuss whatever it is they want. Job. Stress. Anxiety. Money. Love. Boss. Travel. Stress, again. Whatever. And we work together to create a framework for a solution to THEIR problem. 

THEIR problem. 

And so, we shadow boxed, wept, beat pillows, breathed, felt, aspired, meditated, planned, screamed, discovered, laughed, and plotted. 

Each person. Each problem. Completely different solutions. 

And this is the key to personal growth. The solution must fit YOU. Even though it may have worked for hundreds of thousands of people, it may not work for you. 

You are different. And your solutions may be different. Remember this if you are struggling in your journey. 

You are different. Your life is different. There will never be a one size fits all.

But when you do find that one special solution. That special tool. The one designed just for you. Watch out. Because that is when the magic becomes real. 

And then it's go time...



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