Love is Something, Aint' It?

On a deep level we know there is Something more. Something bigger. Something that isn't being fulfilled.

Rather, Something WAITING to be fulfilled.

We all know it. 

I knew it when I was a lawyer. I tried to fill whatever that was with Amazon purchases. Seriously. I was making more money than I had ever in my life. And I just bought stuff. All. The. Time. Never enjoyed it. Couldn't. I was working. 

It never filled that Something. Instead, that Something grew stronger and louder. 

So, I decided to drink harder and longer. I tried to shut it up with booze. Scotch. No such luck. 

Now, that Something was pissed. I wasn't listening. And it screamed. 

So I screamed back. Even more self-destruction. No sleep. Longer hours. More booze. Hateful food. Bigger trips. More. More. More.

Ah, but alas, it did not work. And so that Something hit my weak spot. 

My love. Damn.

It started destroying my love. And that, I could not fight. 

So I listened. 

It turns out I love love. I do. Sometimes I hate my love. Sometimes it hurts. But it's always my love. And even in my hate of it, I love it. It's mine. It's me.

That's the bitch of this Something. Whatever it is, it will find a way.

It does not care what degree you have. Who you know. How big your home is. Or if you have a million bucks. 

This Something is ruthless. It's discerning. It's Truth. It's divine. 

So the choice is yours. Go old school on your Something like I did. Tryin' to be a gangsta lawyer and fill the gaping hole in my chest. 

ORRR You listen to it. Embrace it. Let it LIVE and watch Magic pour down upon you unlike anything you've ever seen.  

My love loves love. Ain't that Something.

What's your Something?


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