What do we do?

It's interesting what all we bring into this life. 

A cobbled together amalgamation of universal forces and principles tethered together by a skin suit. 

And on top of that, ordered to live with it for 75+ years with no directions whatsoever. 

What do we do with the pains, hopes, beliefs, fears, loves, anger, urges, betrayal, heroism, confusion, realism, death, life?

What do we do? 

Where do WE fit in? 

Which rules apply? Are there rules? Which are the ones that we don't know we don't know?

And again, what do we do? 

Well, we could give in. Let this play out in a way where we have no say over our lives. This is very easy to do. 


We fight like hell to discover the Truth. Who we really are. Our meaning. Our drive. Our fulfillment. US. 

At all costs. We rip the sleep away. We tear at the false comfort. We take responsibility for our goddamn lives.

So, what do we do? 

We choose. 


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