The search for permanence in life.

The lack of permanence is a very difficult thing to swallow for us mortals. 

We fear it with death and in life. 

Our jobs. Our love. Our health. Our minds. Our reality. 

Our relationships. 

While this may be something to fear, it is also inevitable. 

Thus we must ask ourselves, if impermanence is, well, permanent, how can we live with that? 

Because as I see it, it is causing great fear, anxiety, stress, and sickness. 

But, it doesn't have to be. 

What if we didn't put pressure on the result/outcome of EXTERNAL factors to satisfy our need for permanence?  Because again, they are impermanent. 

What if we satisfied that need internally. 

And so this begs another question, what is it internally that can fill this thirst for permanence? 

Now that is not a question I can answer. But from what I've seen, it is bigger than anything out there. 

It could be a knowingness. A communion. A return. A love. A healing. An opening. An A-Ha. A connection.

That's the beauty of the cosmic joke, most of us have the thirst, we simply aren't looking in the right direction. 

We simply need to turn around.

Inward. Permanently.


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