Roaring into "weakness."

What if your "weakness" was your power?

Wouldn't that be something. 

The one thing that you've considered weak or shameful, was your strength. 

Me? As a kid I was sensitive. I really loved people. But I never saw it as "cool." I wasn't tough. I wasn't what I considered powerful. I shamed my heart. My feelings. 

I took things personally. I closed off to certain types of people. I became a chameleon in every situation. Never really showing the real me. 

Why? Because sensitivity was weak. It hurt. It was painful. 

What a damn shame. 

But here we are now. Sharing this. With you all. Sensitive as ever. But more refined. More in touch with it. And when I go into the sensitivity as opposed to shutting it down or judging it, I find my power. I find a place that knows how to be me in any situation.

I find integrity.

I find ruthless caring.

I find very little tolerance for bullshit. I find no room for drama. I find a man. I find a YES. Someone to break limits. To fuck the rules. 

And the entry point? My "weakness."

The ironies of life. 

So what is it that you see as a "weakness? " What have you been judging your entire life? Trying desperately to hide? Repress. Guilt. Hate.

What is it?

Find it. Own it. And live the fuck out of it. No compromises. No apologies. It is a superpower. 

It takes time. This will not happen over night. There will be ups and downs. You will want help. A strategy. Even if it's simply feeling it.

Trust me. It will be ever changing. 

But it is time to claim it. I'll be right there with you.

Roaring into my "weakness."


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