Imagine a clean slate.

Imagine a clean slate. 

No money. No job. No family. No society. No rules. No laws. No identity. 

And you got to choose. 

What would you choose? Remember, no rules. No reality. 

Start big. A flying unicorn that can speak to bushes made of marshmallows that shoot stardust out when you bite into them with your unicorn mouth?

A famous author that travels the world unearthing and exploring artifacts and ruins never seen before?

A mother with lots of kids, a loving partner, in a home that makes her explode with joy the minute she walks in?

A stockbroker that is ruthless and dines on the finest wines and steaks while being a spy for China in her off time? 

A king that lives in a castle, that is a tyrant and constantly pillages the neighboring towns, taking what he wants and having a horse that snorts fire named Cockapoopoo?

Any of that? None of that? All of that? 

The thing that happens as we "grow up" is that our creativity and daydreaming cease to exist. We see the world through a certain lens. And that lens becomes narrower and narrower as we go on. 

Soon, the lens is a handful of friends that do a handful of jobs in a handful of locations. And that becomes reality. 

So when it is time to grow. To break free of this fabricated world, we stumble. We regress. We go back to what we know. 

But, if we are willing and we want more, we break the lens. We break the rules. We break the reality. 

We start seeking examples of what is possible. We start creating the reality we want. 

We do not stop until it is ours. Actualized and manifested. 

It is our world. Our life. Our will. 



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