We are artists of the Self

We are artists in the discovery of the self. 

Why artists?

Because we must navigate our own inner landscape. And this inner landscape is unique only to us. No book, course, teacher, guru can do it. It is our journey and our journey alone. That said, those resources give us tools. Wonderful and incredible tools. 

Just as a painter selects her brush for the exact stroke she wants to make. The blend of multiple colors formed into one shade to be used in only one spot on the canvas. It will never to be seen again but impacts the artwork in a million different ways.

It is the artists eye, experiences, pains and joys that make up the artwork. The tools are merely aids. But they can never replace the artist and her doing. Her will.

And so we are artists in the discovery of the self. Silence the canvas. Our past, present and future the brushes and paints. It is for us to use everything we have accumulated in this life. Leave nothing behind. 

Ultimately it is up to us where and how we begin. 

Because we must begin. 


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