The Power of Real Habit

There are certain things I do everyday. Without fail. 

I brush my teeth.
I meditate. 
I take a cold shower. 
I write this blog. 

These 4 are so habitualized that I don't need to waste time thinking about them. 

Now, the up for grabs. The food I eat. The thoughts I think. The feelings I feel. The clothes I wear. The meetings I take. The books I read. The music I listen to. The conversations I have. 

None of it is habit. Which is fine. But when something is not a habit, it has the possibility of creating chaos. No clarity. Loss of power. A certain out of control feeling. Too many variables. Too much input. And our brains go on overdrive and waste an inordinate amount of energy on trying to find the answers. Always trying to find the answers.

The key is not to create a life of rigid habits.

But rather to discover the answer through clarity, stillness, and power.

The chaos of life falls away. Decision fatigue becomes nonexistent. 

Make clarity, stillness, and power the habit. From there, all can fall into place. 


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