Going All IN

All in. 

Scary words. What do they mean? 

Well, they are different for each person. Some it means to love someone completely. Others it means total transformation. But it is the totality of us as people, in total commitment. 


That is the one thing that is certain. 100%. Now whatever we do at 100% is going to be powerful. It will be brutal. It will be unrelenting. Unforgiving. Why? Because it's 100%. 

All in. 

There is no wiggle room. No lackadaisical half assery. All in. 

The biggest question out there though is what is it going to be? What are we willing to throw our whole weight behind where there is no turning back? No backing out?

And not just going through the actions. Not just checking off the boxes. This is our soul here. This is 100%.

So what is it? Choose wisely and commit to being All in.  


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