Sweating out mashed potatoes

The point where we want to quit is usually the point where we should not quit. 

It's the point that is the most reactive. Highly charged. 

Something deep inside us is being triggered. And it is then where we shouldn't quit. 


Because it is an opportunity to see something in the unconscious that is operating a program deep within that is not beneficial to happiness. To joy. To life. 

Essentially it is short circuiting the system. 

Now, if we do not quit at that point and we press on, then we can quit. 

Because it is now a choice. When we are in reaction, there is no choice. Something is dictating how we feel and act deep within. That is not us. It is something else.

But when we move through it and own it, then we are in charge and we can make clear decisions. 

At that point it's really not about quitting or not quitting. It's about becoming a more powerful version of ourselves through awareness and choice. 

P.S. This all stemmed from me laying in bed today melting my brain on social media and feeling the pounds of ice cream/turkey/pies/mashed potatoes I ate. Not wanting to do anything and foregoing the gym forever.
It was only after I got my stuffed ass out of bed and worked out did I realize, again, the importance of not succumbing to reactions. Guilt. Anger. Two favorites of holiday eating. And as I was sweating out mashed potatoes on the treadmill, wondering what would give first, my heart or my legs, did I regain my choice back. Not the reaction....until I CHOSE to go back to bed....


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