The Sacred Calling of the Stride

Do not break stride. 

When we are in stride, it is an incredible gift. This momentum and flow. Some have been waiting a lifetime for this stride. It's fast. It's purposeful. It's aligned. 

However, there have been times when a saboteur gets in the mix. Throws it all off. A little voice that encourages us to take the foot off the gas. Not to complete that project. Take a vacation. Maybe start something else. 

It could be as simple as breaking for lunch mid stride. Or answering an email or text. 

I am extremely guilty of this. And it is soul crushing to know I lost it.

The stride is precious. Respect it. Ignore the call of the saboteur.

Because who knows, this stride could be the thing we've been waiting for. 

Do you want it? And are you ready?


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