Terry Crews and success.

"Success is the warmest place to hide." Terry Crews. 

I watched this 4 minute video of Terry Crews speaking about his early childhood and how brutal it was. And it was. 

But what struck me was towards the end, when he was speaking about all of his "success," that he was still hiding. He used his success to mask the pain. To keep pushing for more and more so he would never have to face it. 

That is until he realized he was repeating a similar pattern of fear that his father used on him. 

That's when he realized and said, "success is the warmest place to hide." And hit me how true that is. 

We all want that one thing. That one thing that will make us feel better. Is it love? A better job? More money? Time? Vacation? Family? 

We want that success in that one damn area. Praying for it. 

And from what I've seen with clients, myself, and people I've read and heard about, it only magnifies the pain. The wounds that we are desperately running from. Hoping success will fill the gaps in. 

That's the wild part. Success magnifies. 

These pains that we have now. The wounds. In sanskrit, samskara. They are here to be acknowledged. Felt. Healed. Not replaced or sidestepped. 

To be successful and enjoy ALL OF IT, a level of opening to what is here now, is the most successful thing we can do. 

See what's causing the frustration. The anxiety. The fears. The wounds. The turmoil. 

Own it. Release it. 

That's success. And those things we want so badly, will pale in comparison to what is available for us. 

Heal the wounds and become wildly successful.


Heal the wounds
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