5 Day Guide to Happiness. Day 2. Stank ol' Undies.

DAY 2 of the 5 Day Guide to Happiness


According to the Oxford Dictionary, Identity is, "The fact of being who or what a person or thing is."

Being who or what you are. 

So, what are you? Are you a doctor? A mother? A husband? A wife? A partner? A lawyer? Poor? Rich? Tired? Joyful? A southerner? A northerner? French? Italian? Indian? Male? Female? Trans? Gay? Straight? White? Black? Actor? Musician? Politician?

You get the point. When we strongly identify with something in particular, it has the potential to greatly decrease our happiness. GREATLY. 

And why? What's wrong with being an amazing mother or lawyer or rich?

Because, it's not fundamentally who you are. You are you. At the core, you are you. No labels. No stigmas. Nothing but cells and a heartbeat. Some would say an eternal flame. Maybe a soul. Maybe cosmic consciousness. 

And remembering this fundamental fact of who we truly are is the key to happiness. The jobs change. The kids grow up. The cultures bind. The money fluctuates. The sexes are fluid. No identity can last. And it shouldn't. It can't. Because when they do end or fluctuate, there is great distress. Like the world has ended. The identity is shattered. 

I was a lawyer. I held on to that bastard pretty tight. "What do you do?" "Oh I'm a lawyer." I'M A LAWYER!!! 

My job was a lawyer. I am not a lawyer. I am Bryce. A human being made of trillion year old dust rotating on a orb of gas tied into the consciousness of something greater. 

And when I stopped being a lawyer, I can tell you, it was a death. A crisis of the ego. Who was I then!?!

However, I am not tossing these things aside. It is not bad to identify. Not at all. But see them as garments that can be chosen at will and removed at will. BIG DIFFERENCE then BEING that garment. 

You are not your underwear. Or your blue jeans. Or your t-shirt. You wear them when needed, when you want to, and when it is helpful. Then you remove it. 

No tragedy. No "who am I" without this leather jacket? No collapsing when you change your stanky undies. 

DAY 2- what in the name of everything holy are you identifying with that is not you?

1. Job?
2. Partner or lack of partner?
3. Weight?
4. Money?
5. Home?
6. Kids or lack of kids?
7. Anything else, tangible or intangible that you may cling to. 

Be you. Discover you. Figure out what the hell you are. And then play with identities. Enjoy them. But always remember to treat them like those stank ol' undies and take them off at the end of the day.  


Email me to find your happiness and what that may look like. bryce@brycekennedy.co
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