A huge misunderstanding

Let’s discuss vulnerability. This is a key player in humans lives. Vulnerability, according to merriam websters dictionary is : capable of being physically or emotionally wounded. 

Ahh, damn, right off the bat vulnerability is a less than desirable attribute. We are taught this. We are bred this.

Being vulnerable is supposed weakness. Pain. Hurt. And while vulnerability may seem like that, it is so much more.

The most vulnerable people I know are the strongest. They are uncompromising in who they are. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and don’t back down. They hide nothing. They actually are quite demanding. They put themselves on the front lines.

And why? Because they have nothing to fear. They are not protecting anything. They are not hiding shame or guilt. No micro-manipulations under the skin. It is them in their rawest form. When they are upset, we will know about it.

So, why do we run so far away from this? As I said above, it is because we are taught this is a bad thing. That we will be heaps of weeping blobs on the floor.

While in actuality, we have no idea how to use vulnerability. It is now time to first get to know how to be vulnerable. Let’s use these steps.

  1. What triggered the vulnerability?

  2. What did it feel like?

  3. Who did it and what is their relationship to you?

  4. Is this a pattern? If yes, is there a typical person or situation that this level of vulnerability starts to arise?

  5. When you feel the vulnerability, what do  you do? Do you close off, get mad, defensive, sad, blame yourself, blame others, run away, binge eat, drink, etc? We are looking for the reaction to this vulnerability.

  6. What are your thoughts telling you if you remain vulnerable? You’re weak? They’ll reach in your heart and rip it out? You’re exposed? You’ll never survive in stressful situations?

These are not easy questions. But damn, vulnerability is not easy. It has been shamed by generations and generations of people and we are now working to overcome that. That’s a massive step.

However old you are, acknowledge that this will take time to switch to become a new way of being.

But let's get one thing very straight, vulnerability is power. 


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