It's OK, We're Human

It's Ok, We're Human. 

We humans got the short end of the stick here. We aren't quite animals. We aren't quite angels. We're stuck somewhere in the middle. 

On the whole, we've been taught to be angels. It has permeated our culture. Shoved down our throats. Instagrammed to hell and back. Be kind. Loving. Forgiving. Grateful. Respectful. Honorable. Obedient. Intelligent. Successful. Shame free. Guilt free. Thought free. 

Ah but alas, there is the part of us that is the animal.  And animals are ANIMALS. We share 98% of our DNA with Gorillas. There is no denying what we are. And animals are no angels. They Kill. Fight. Fuck. Ravage. Feast. They sleep where they want, shit where they want, take what they want, mate what they want. A one track mind on survival. 

And again. somewhere in the middle, we are there. The Divine Beast. My god how I love it. Because once we come to accept that we are part gorilla, part cosmic whatever, we are free! 

We can have dark "dangerous" thoughts, while at the same time weeping for the new born baby we are absolutely in love with. We can hate with a fury of a thousand burning suns and yet feel devastatingly sad and vulnerable. We can have urges to burn, pillage, and massacre villages while at the same time missing our tender lil kitten, Muffin Baby.

We are paradoxical beings. It's glorious. Life becomes much, much, more fun, simple, and powerful once we start to see both sides. And when we see those sides, it doesn't mean we're going to the office tomorrow and impale our co-worker with a 6ft hand carved stake because we feel blood curdling rage. Nor are we going to become monks in a cave to be closer to our higher selves and forces above. 

All it means is that we start to get to know who we are and what is under the hood of this human being. It is vitally important. VITALLY. 

Because the parts that aren't seen. Aren't heard. Aren't allowed to feel...they will find us, hunt us down, and explode. Or they will shut us down. Numb us out. And we will live a life of vanilla, complacent, nonsense. 

Either way, the Divine Beast is waiting. Godspeed. 

And at the end of the day...

It's ok, we're human. 



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