50% is fine. 100% is divine.

I love stories where a person overcame the impossible by sheer will. 

They climbed the mountain with no legs. Was a hair a way from death and now live the dream life. Homeless to a real estate mogul. Kid from the wrong side of the tracks to winning the Nobel Peace Prize. 

How does one do this? To be truly great? 

Well, there are two parts. The inner and the outer. 

The outer is the goal oriented steps. It is action. It is meeting with people. The training. The space. The funding. And again, the action. 

The inner is the mindset. The energy. The feelings. The emotions. The wantings. The beliefs.  The opening. The inspiration. 

The outer is what most people focus on. It's important. It's 50% of the damn equation. And people can conquer with 50% in the tank. People are incredible. 

But, if we aren't focusing on the other 50%, the inner, we are dragging and elephant behind us and asking why the journey is so damn heavy. So hard. So impossible. 

That inner 50% is one of the most overlooked and underutilized reserves of power known to humankind. We are literally pissing away success. 

And why? Because we think it's a waste of time. It takes too long. There is too much to fix. Or it's dark and emotional inside. We've been taught that if we go in, it's unproductive and if we have the time, a luxury. 

Funny thing is, if we get that 50% on line, aligned, and empowered, shit, that's like learning you have 50% more money in the bank account, 50% stronger legs, 50% more time, 50% more joy, 50% more YOU. MORE LIFE!!! 50 damn percent. 

50% is fine. But 100% is divine. 


Find the other 50%
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