The sacred past, redux.

Back in times long ago, when invaders would come to our native lands, it was important to have our home positioned in a way that protected us from behind and allowed easy access to escape in the front. 

Thus, preferable was it to have a mountain in the back and a river in the front. The river also was auspicious to bring flow and abundance to the home. One who had this positioning would feel secure, aligned, and powerful. 

It was the foundation and temple for daily life. It was a representation of the soul. 

Not a bad way to live.

Fast forward to now. It is very different. 

We have enough to worry about let alone the damn home. We will decorate it nicely. Hang pictures that are semi-cool. Get a couch that is comfortable. Maybe buy a colorful rug for the living room and boom, done. Phew call it a day. 

It is a livable storage unit for what's left of us after a long day. Plop on the couch. Throw shoes into a pile. Mindlessly slough into bed. And pray for that precious sleep to take us away. Even if for a short while. 

But we are missing something. We are missing something incredibly sacred. The owning of the space. The ignition of potential. Possibility. The home is a tool of manifestation. It is a creator of new and exciting futures. It is a cosmic pathway to bigger and better things. 

But all of this magic will lie dormant if not properly engaged. It will sleep no matter how beautifully decorated it is. It's like having the secret to life but forgetting to turn it on. To use it. 

The key is to find the switch. Flip it. Align it to the deepest parts of you. Energetically and materialistically. Then let the home be a canvas. An amplifier.

It's hard to do alone. In fact it's very difficult because most of us have been living in these bodies and homes for quite some time now that we don't know what we don't know. If we did, it would have changed a long time ago. We would have found that love. Gotten a better job. Increased our wealth. Become powerful.

Maybe it's time to ask for help. And blast open the doors to a new level of living. 

If you are interested, I am taking on 4 new clients for November for this journey. The only thing I guarantee is that nothing will be the same. 

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