A werewolf devours on the eve of a full moon...

Why does the werewolf transform on the full moon? Which is tonight by the way. 

Is there some supernatural power that rips out the dormant beast within? 

The moon at its fullest. Peering into the souls of mortals. Finding that which is unowned, ready to be seen. 

You may be feeling the beast within, especially today. Something that is ripping apart old habits, patterns, thoughts. Everything that is comfortable. Shredded. No mercy. Unstable. Shaky. Relentless. 

It's like walking through hell. Step by step. Never stopping. Never quitting. 

The questions are then, what will the moon find? 

And are you ready? 

Now is a good time to let the wolf out, no longer denying the power within.

Go find a sleepy village and devour!!! I'll meet you there. 


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