Words can create or destroy your happiness

In person or virtual feng shui consultations are back. 

Word are incredibly powerful tools to build or destroy. And it is a practice to start becoming aware of the words that we use. Because these words are creating and crystalizing the reality we are choosing to live in. 

Words about ourselves. Words about others. Words as judge, jury, and executioner. 

What are the words that we say to ourselves when we wake up? Before we go to bed? When we look at our bank accounts? Or love life? As we go into work? And discuss how we are doing? 

Are the words true, powerful, open? Or are the closed, defeated, judgmental? 

This is not about using positive affirmations and walking around with a painted smile on our faces. This is about catching the reality we create through habitual use and projection of words. 

It is necessary for us to be careful of the same narrative expressed through words that we are telling ourselves and others. 

If we are looking to change something, let's take a look at our words. 



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