Is it too early for a midlife crisis?

It's time for a midlife crisis. 

Maybe you've gotten whispers of it. I hope you have. I hope things don't feel right. 

It sounds cruel but it's not meant to be. Well, maybe a little but that's just because I love pain. 

However, there is this point in life where the boxes have been checked, the job semi-secure. The bank account semi-good. The reputation semi-successful. 

And yet, there is a nagging. A numbness. A general discomfort with life. It gnaws at us in our sleep. It haunts our dreams. And the worst of it, we should be grateful! Happy! Counting ourselves lucky! 

Ahhh but 'tis rarely the case. 

It begs the question, why are we in a midlife crisis? 

It usually comes down to a few things. 3 in particular. 

1. We conformed to an idea of who and what we should be. Thus killing off all the parts of us that were unique, creative, special, and magical. Damn shame. 

2. We stopped feeling. This is an epidemic in our society. The ever present, low level feel of anxiety and numbness. It's really not our fault. Truth is most people were never taught how to feel. Even the word itself seems weak and unproductive. But it is in the feeling where big ass, kick you in the face, unicorn riding, no holds barred success comes from. Truly. 

3. We don't know what we want. We want the basics: Food, shelter, clothing, human connection, job. Cool. Check. But if we stick to just those categories, something begins to crumble. It's unsustainable. It's incomplete. The "I AM, " the "ME," the "I WANT," isn't present. Only survival. And once we satisfy the survival basics, we go on autopilot and DIE! (tad dramatic). 

We have a choice. And it really comes down to choosing to see more. To be more. To have a sense of self, or explore a sense of self, so we know who and what we are. What we are capable of. And how to live the way we WANT. 

It's a hell of a journey. Crisis is always a good time to start. If any of us are feeling any of the tinges of a crisis coming on...

USE IT! Delve into the depths of self so we may all rise from the dredges of complacency. 

If you are interested in exploring more of this, I have a few slots for coaching left. Would love to chat and see where we can go and how big. Email me.


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