Check for ticks

My wife and I went for a hike today. Anyone in NYC knows that is no easy feat. 

You must rent a car or get a train. And getting to both modes of transportation is a chore in itself. 

You battle the city traffic by slowly moving inch by inch...unless you're on a train, and you pray you move at all. 

Once out, the city far behind, the chaos begins to fade away. Freedom. 

A deep sigh of relief. Maybe it's the lack of 8.5 million sharing your space. Maybe it's nature. Maybe it's everything and nothing all at the same time. 

Once we started hiking...a storm hit. Cascades of rain. Thunder. Lightning. There was a tornado warning on our phone when we could get service. Insanity.

The chaos found us. But it was primal. It was real. Our senses heightened. Instincts kicked in. 

It was wild to feel the transformation. But so damn good. 

We survived. Got back into our rented Ford Explorer. Put on the seat warmers. And drove home. 

Moral of the story...check for ticks. 



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