5 Steps to Happiness (Your version).

The 5 steps to happiness (your version). 

1. Acknowledge. How you feel. What you're thinking. Worries. Concerns. Hopes. Dreams. You as a person, simply acknowledge where you're at in this moment. 

2. Decide. To change. To take responsibility. To become who and what you are. 

3. Want. What you want. What you don't want. What will feed you. What will excite you. What will drive you. Want the fuck out of it. 

4. Take Action. Now. Move. Get up. Strategy, yes, but try something. Experiment. Fail. Exceed. Crash. Talk to people. Do it all. But Take Action. It's the first step that is the most important. 

5. Repeat. Forever

A few announcements.

First, you'll notice that stunning mug above in the email. Trying a few things out so you know who is in your inbox every single weekday. 

Second, I'll be holding a 60 minute meditation at Lululemon 114 5th Ave, this Saturday, 3pm. COME. We are going in to breathing, inner force, and silence. Tell your friends. 

Third, I'm brining back feng shui consultations to help people attract love. It's a big boy. I've had pretty damn incredible results with people who are stuck in love. Email me if you or someone you know is looking for the the one. 


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