The Path to Power...

Before we get to the third and final part of the vulnerability tunnel, in this series, I want to highlight something I’ve seen in many clients, they are absolutely terrified to feel this part of themselves.

They think it will end them. Make them less effective at work. It will cripple their lives. And the reason for that is because the story is so strong that it will sink them before they get a chance to enter the emotion. But, BUT, once they do, watch out. Magic.

Because they realize while these emotions actually have a vitality to them. A strange purifying effect. As if sadness could cleanse the soul. Who’d of guessed. Moral of the story, emotions in the purest form, are a natural state for human beings and strengthen us for what’s to come.

The third and final part. Our power.

There she is. You glorious magnificent bitch. How wild is it to think most of us stop in the first part of the tunnel of vulnerability because it appears to be too painful and weak. Hah. Ohhh the gods are funny.

Once we penetrate the final part, we discover what true vulnerability is...power. It is us. It the person who can wear their heart on their sleeve in the fiercest battle.

There is no need to react. Why would there be, we are exposed at the purest level. But, it is when we are, and we’ve gone through the other two parts, we have mustered up the courage to conquer. It’s like the hero that faces death and lives. She has no need to worry about earthly consequences anymore because she overcame life's greatest challenge. Just as we will too.

A few qualities of this power may feel like certitude, I can, willpower, density, intensity, love, ferocity, Truth, YOU. I AM. And owning it is to be it. It’s really nothing to try and think about. It’s to BE. Simply and fully.

I remember when I asked a friend of mine who is wise beyond her years, “how do I “own” my power? What do I need to do differently? How do I behave differently?” She said, “Bryce, when you feel your power, you don’t THINK about it, you simply are it. Just as you are a man that breathes, you don’t think to yourself, ‘how will I be a man today and breathe?’ You just are. BE IT. Feel it in your bones. Let it incorporate into your body.”

So, BE! Be this power. Keep in mind, this may be difficult for some. You may need help. You may need to be guided there. This isn’t so much about results as laying out the groundwork for what happens in this wild, wacky, world of life.  

But it's yours. It's ours. And the journey begins inward! OWWWWWWW


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