The question is...why?

Our second of three parts of vulnerability

Ok, great, we’ve acknowledged this beast, vulnerability. Now it is time to go deeper. Why go deeper? Because if we look at vulnerability like a tunnel, most people get stuck in the first third of it. They feel the pain, their reactions flare, and they get the fuck out of there.

This is a damn shame because that’s what we consider vulnerability. And it ain’t. It is one third! The remaining two thirds is where the meat is. That’s where the gold lies.

So let’s go back to the question of what did it feel like? Did it hurt? Sad? Mad? Fear? Love? Shock? The key as we move into the second part of the tunnel is that we drop the story.

First part of the tunnel, story it all up. Fine. Second part, drop it. Go for the feeling.

Normally we can identify the feeling of it. We know it well. What has happened in this reaction is that it has allowed us to feel a deeper emotion. The meat as I said before. It is here, this emotion that is getting triggered.

When we drop the story, we can clearly and cleanly see what wound is there. This may bring up other feelings, grief, despair, hopelessness, rage, sexuality, whatever.

The key is not to judge them and not to suppress them. We want to acknowledge them by feeling.

When the story drops, hopefully there is some purity in the feeling of this emotion. As if maybe these emotions weren’t bad at all.

Maybe we are so afraid of feeling these emotions only because our monkey mind latches on to them and pulls us in a million different directions.

Maybe emotions are strength.


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